*RARE* Iris Agate Moon Carving

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Iris Agate Metaphysical Properties:

  • Intensifies manifestations
  • It will help you relax mentally and spiritually
  • Helps with motivation and productivity 
  • It will help you overcome big hurdles in life

When light falls on the agate, it meets the corners of the small bands. These bands interrupt the flow of light and force it to take different paths through the thin bands of the agate. Thus, the bands work as a natural diffraction grating that diffracts the light and presents a display of spectral colors.

One thing which you have to remember when checking out this stone is that you can’t see the light effects unless you have a light source in a place where the rays of light strike the surface of the agate at a perpendicular angle. At this angle, maximum light enters the stone and you see a display of light which is amazing to look at.

*picture is upside down*